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Published: 26th January 2011
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A recipe for getting pregnant do not know anyone. Clearly, however, besides the love that makes the children come into the world and one gram of random destiny. In addition, the odds that a pregnancy to happen if you listen to these advices.

1.In order to getting pregnant stop contraception!

Of course, this seems more than implied - but not so clear is how it looks. If you use condoms (any kind) or aperture, then it goes without saying what to do and how to proceed. But if you use birth control pills, it's time to stop at the end of a package to prevent irregular bleeding.

If before using birth control pills - the period of menstruation was irregular, now give them, it may take several months until you become a regular period. If within six months, does not regulate menstruation, you should go to a specialist to investigate the cause. Some doctors are of the opinion that it is best to wait several months after stopping pill use prior to conception.

If you use Provera injections every three months, it will take some time before menstruation to reappear and eventually get pregnant. This period can be between 12-18 months - so plan early.

2. What do you know about prenatal vitamins?: It's time to take folic acid.

Important: About Folic Acid.

Specialized studies show that folic acid supplements help alleviate the birth defects - spina bifida.

Required dose is 400 micrograms per day, or 5 milligrams for people who have a child who suffers from these defects or have epilepsy.

It begins with at least three months before conceiving a child or as soon as possible after you found out you're pregnant. Taking folic acid can be stopped at 13 weeks of pregnancy.

For women who have a healthy diet, do not need a vitamin supplement, but if you do not feed you properly, then you will be prescribed a multivitamin tablets. Make sure though that these vitamins do not contain too much vitamin A. We know that this vitamin is toxic in large quantities for the child.

3. Caring for your health!

If follow a long-term treatment, it must be postponed or stopped at least 3 months before getting pregnancy. So if you suffer a serious illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension or thyroid problems, it is necessary to consult an obstetrician if you plan to have a baby.

This will be better able to prescribe you a treatment or to stop the existing one and at the same time will keep very careful medical supervision throughout the pregnancy.

4. Avoid infection!

* Listeriosis is caused by a bacterium that can cause abortions, pregnancy or prolonged illness of the fetus, if contamination during pregnancy. For example, the disease affects about 30,000 births each year in Britain. Large amounts of listeria (bacteria that causes the disease) were found in some foods.

For this reason should avoid: pasteurized milk, meat pates, fish or vegetables, or blue-veined cheese, ice cream cone at (from freezer), cooked chicken (and generally any semi), fast foods, prepared salads ready-made.

* Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite which normally does not affect humans. Nearly 10% of adults can be infected by toxoplasmosis, without them realizing it. If this happens during pregnancy, it can cause fetal abortion or congenital problems. Pets (especially cats) are carriers of toxoplasmosis. Fresh fruit, vegetables, carefully unwashed salad are also potential sources of infection.


* About toxoplasmosis and pregnancy
* Infections (possible) during pregnancy

Here are some safety rules: you do use gloves when gardening and wash your hands afterwards. Ask someone else to clean and care for cats (in case you have one), well washed fruits and vegetables before eating them.

* Measles - can cause problems in early pregnancy. It is preferable to avoid infected persons, although it is less risky if you've already had the disease in childhood. If you were in contact with sick people, you can do a blood test to check your immunity.

5. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes!

Alcohol in excess can affect the the ability of getting pregnant of both partners. More than a glass or two a day is associated with difficulties in the conception of a child. If you are pregnant, alcohol abuse can cause developmental problems, birth defects, mental handicap or prolonged pregnancy. Small amounts of alcohol (a glass or two of wine per week) are still harmful.

Smoking is bad in the preconception and pregnancy. Smokers are more at risk of miscarriage or premature birth and babies will have a low birth weight. Even an environment where people smoke, so much damage and increases the risk of sudden death in children.

6. Do moderate sport

Before pregnancy, exercise will help strengthen the muscles and suppleness pastratrea them so much needed during pregnancy. It also will help you relax and lose weight in May, in case you need it.

During pregnancy, exercise will be done with great care and will not abuse them.

7. Control your weight!

You have to try to reach a proper weight according to your height, before becoming pregnant. If you are more full, you have to give a few pounds and cut down the calories.

Also, a weight too low can negatively affect fertility. Try to add a few pounds through a diet rich in vitamins.

8. Avoid medication!

Toxic drugs for children are epileptic drugs, vitamin preparations (even those used to treat acne), and tetracycline antibiotics based chemotherapeutic drugs.

It is preferable to avoid any drug in the first trimester (up to 10 weeks of pregnancy).

9. Tell your doctor about genetic diseases!

If there is a genetic disease in your family or your husband is better to consult with your doctor before conceiving a child. A clinical investigation will determine how that will affect children's health and whether there is a way to prevent or detect disease at an early age for further treatment.

10. Buy a pregnancy test!

But hurry! It is true that pregnancy tests can show a positive result very soon, but still be patient and wait at least a week after the date on which you had to have her period. When the test results will be trusted and you can finally enjoy. Good luck.

11. Stress harms ability to get pregnant!

When all is added and an uncontrollable factor when pregnancy is elusive. Stress.

When you wish very much a child can be stressful, which will impair fertility. It is well established scientifically that stress or rather adrenaline (stress substance) adversely affects the quality of sperm and fertilized egg into the uterine wall attachment. Because the embryo can be assimilated by the female body, it must be put on a protective chemical layer, which is meant to neutralize the reaction of rejection from a woman's body. Creating this layer is directly influenced by mood: in a state of severe stress conditions the body is much too demanding, so he does not assimilate the fertilized egg, leading eventually to a normal menstruation ..

Even the mind of man, under stress, can lead to failure in the conception of a child. If stress is very powerful male sexual glands react by boycotting.

Burning desire to have a baby just cause tension in the most inopportune moment, just before ejaculation, mature sperm are mixed with secretions from the prostate. This leads to the release of a very small number of sperm and thus to lower chances of pregnancy.

Unfortunately there is no recipe that boundless desire to slow down in May and the excitement of having a child, but a tip, surely I can give you:

Relax and you will see that everything will be fine and the pregnancy will come.

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